Pre-Conference Flash Sale

I’ve got special news and a limited time special offer. Plus – no pants are required for purchase OR enjoyment. #winning

From Monday, January 14 – Friday, January 18, I’m opening the training vault (which I never do) and offering the recordings of two of my workshops that I did with fellow Clicker Expo speakers. If you missed out on these live, now is your chance to catch up with the recordings.

Both the Start Button Behaviors Virtual Workshop and Cocktails and the Conditioned Emotional Response Virtual Workshop will be open for purchase… and, best of all, they’re recorded so you can dive in right away, no waiting required.

Ohhhh – tell me more!

Start the new year off right with both courses for only $75.

This epic deal ends at January 18, 2019 so if you would like to get access to all of the fantastic goodies up there, you better hurry.

Purchase Bundle here – $75

Start Button Behaviors Workshop

This is a 2-hour virtual workshop talking all things Start Buttons with my Swedish friends, Emelie and Eva of Carpe Momentum.

What are Start Button behaviors?

There is a huge difference between a dog tolerating an experience in training and being an active, willing participant. We all work so hard to build a trusting relationship with our dogs, and one of the important ways that we can preserve and strengthen that relationship is to provide choice when incorporating distractions or potentially scary things in a training session.

Using start buttons in our training is one way to make sure that we are training for the emotional state that we want in a very practical, actionable, and observable way.

 Get the bundle and save $15!

Purchase Start Button behaviors – $45

Purchase Bundle here – $75

Ball Feelings :: Cocktails and the Conditioned Emotional Response  

The “conditioned emotional response” (CER) is something I think about constantly, because of course it is always present in our training, and it’s something that can work for or against us.

For every behavior that I am training, I’m conditioning emotions along with it. So I’m constantly trying to figure out how to make sure that the emotions I am conditioning are the ones that I want! To do otherwise would be counterproductive, but I’m also interested in training these behaviors efficiently. And that often puts me in conflict.

Because just doing the behavior isn’t enough. I care about HOW the dog does the behavior… #nerdalert

So…I amazing would it be to hang out, have glass of wine (or whatever tickles your fancy), and talk about dog training with me and my friend, and colleague, the board-certified animal behaviorist, Lindsay Wood Brown (who you may remember from podcast episode #36) will be joining me for drinks and an in-depth discussion on one of our favorite topics: The Conditioned Emotional Response.

Listen in to this virtual get together as we chat about CER’s.

Want both? Get the bundle and save $15!

Purchase Ball Feelings – $45

Purchase Bundle here – $75

Enjoy the workshops and I can’t wait to see you at Clicker Expo!

– Hannah