Set It and Forget It!

A 2-hour virtual workshop with Hannah Branigan


Structure your training sessions efficiently and effectively

If you love a clean training session but aren’t quite sure how to make it happen… read on.

Does your dog get frustrated easily or tend to lose focus during training sessions? Do you struggle with knowing when to raise criteria or when to add a cue? Do your shaping sessions sometimes feel like a crapshoot?


Many of these problems can be solved by addressing the structure of your training sessions. With a few behavioral tools on board, you can design your training sessions so that they flow smoothly… without gaps or “junk” (technical term). So smoothly, that the behaviors seem to learn themselves!

It’s all totally doable.

Your training session is like a blank canvas. But without something to attach it to, it slides all over the table and wrinkles up… making your brushstrokes smeary and hard to control. Let’s get you some tape to secure that sucker to the easel so you can get down to business and make some art.

This workshop will teach you strategies to structure your training sessions so that you can avoid frustration and unwanted behavior by building tight, clean “loops”. We will hone a collection of anchor behaviors, behaviors that provide structure for the session and create a framework of simple units, which can then be used to build more complex behaviors, chains, and sequences in the future.

This live workshop includes time to implement the exercises in real life as well as get your questions answered.

Join Hannah For A 2 Hour Live Workshop Wed. April 4th 10am EST

How it works:

After signing up, you’ll get access to a little reading material for homework.

On April 4th, we’ll hold our live virtual workshop where you can show up to ask questions and actually try the exercises with your own dog (off camera). I know the best way to actually make sure you use the information is to do it right then and there. So we build time into the workshop so that you can hear instructions, see the demo, and then go try it with your dog to figure out what questions that generates and then ask them while they are still fresh in your mind!

The workshop is recorded and you can watch it back anytime by going right back to the same link.

Contact Hannah with questions!