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Comprehensive Mentorship Program

Zero to CD

Zero to CD is an online group mentorship program designed to provide support, structure, and accountability for people who are new to competition obedience and looking to earn their Novice level title AND to make competition obedience accessible to all dogs and handlers through force-free, positive reinforcement-based methods.

The next round will begin May 1, 2019
Enrollment will open on April 24. Click on the link to find out more about what this program is about, and stay tuned for enrollment details!

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Other Opportunities

Available through Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Heeling: Power and precision (part 1) Next session begins Feb 1, 2019 [Enroll Jan 22 – Feb 15, 2019] Build your heeling skills from the ground up. From weight shift to head position, we will shape each component skill necessary for powerful and precise heeling. Each skill is taught separately, out of context (as what some might consider a “trick”), so that we can maximize motivation and minimize pressure. If it’s all just tricks, it’s all fun, right? Right! Find out more
Heeling: Power and precision (part 2) Next session begins Apr 1, 2019 [Enroll Mar 22 – Apr 15, 2019] Part 2 of the Heeling series. This class will build directly off the exercises we learned in Part 1. More details to come soon (mid-March). Find out more