Set It and Forget It!

2 Hour Live Workshop – Weds 4/11 10am EST


This training workshop has ended. Stay tuned for the next one!

This live workshop includes time to implement the exercises in real life as well as get your questions answered.

How it works:

Before the workshop, you’ll get access to a little (well, maybe more than a little) reading material and a few exercises to get started on as homework.

On April 11, we’ll hold our live virtual workshop where you can show up to ask questions and actually try the exercises with your own dog (off camera). I know the best way to actually make sure you use the information is to do it right then and there. So we build time into the workshop so that you can hear instructions, see the demo, and then go try it with your dog to figure out what questions that generates and then ask them while they are still fresh in your mind!

The workshop is recorded and you can watch it back anytime by going right back to the same link.

You can also leave questions for me in the virtual classroom. So if you can’t make the live workshop, you’ll still be able to get answers when I record and view them later at your leisure!

Investment: $60.00