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Podcast #56: The Value of Reinforcement Procedures with Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertilsson

This week we are hanging out again with our Swedish dog training buddies, Emelie and Eva, of Carpe Momentum. And we are talking about the importance of defining, building, and maintaining our reinforcement procedures. During our conversation, Eva shares something that gets her a little worked up when she’s talking … Read more “Podcast #56: The Value of Reinforcement Procedures with Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertilsson”

Podcast #55: Generalization In Dog Training

This week’s topic is generalization. Before we jump into that, I want to give you a heads up that I am about to open up some spots in my Online Mentorship program: Zero to CD. This is a program that I put together to help experienced trainers who want to … Read more “Podcast #55: Generalization In Dog Training”

Podcast #54: Behavioral Momentum

I love the concept of behavioral momentum for two reasons, first because it’s awesome and helps me out all the time in making my dog training sessions (and people training sessions) more effective, and second because it’s a metaphor. And you know how much I love a good metaphor! Behavioral … Read more “Podcast #54: Behavioral Momentum”

Podcast #53: Puppy Thoughts

Getting a puppy can be a bit of a crapshoot. What can we do to select the best puppy for our lifestyle and goals, and what can we do to optimize our training to help that puppy reach his potential? Links mentioned: Episode #30 Social, Civil and Savvy: Training & … Read more “Podcast #53: Puppy Thoughts”

Podcast #52: Operationalize This

The process of operationalization takes a fuzzy concept or construct, and makes it clear… so that we can talk about it, we can measure it, and we can have internet arguments and know that we are talking about the same thing. This is critical to dog training and animal behavior … Read more “Podcast #52: Operationalize This”

Podcast #51: Husbandry with Laura Monaco Torelli

This week Laura Monaco Torelli and I talk about husbandry in the dog training world, and it turns out it’s not ENTIRELY about teaching dogs to trim their own nails (though that could be part of it). During our conversation, we talked about exactly what “husbandry” means, and how we … Read more “Podcast #51: Husbandry with Laura Monaco Torelli”

Podcast #50: Frustration Tolerance

Can we even operationalize “frustration” in order to define “frustration tolerance”? What does that look like? How do we measure it? Can we, should we, expose a dog to frustration in training to teach them to tolerate frustration? Links Mentioned: Clicker Expo St. Louis Episode #4 Parenting: Frustration in Children: … Read more “Podcast #50: Frustration Tolerance”

Podcast #49: The Value of Offered Behavior with Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertilsson

In this episode, we discuss what we mean by “offered” behavior, why it’s useful to structure our training around having the dog volunteer behaviors off cue, and some practical tips and tricks to apply to our training sessions. As Emelie and Eva say, the more things we add into our … Read more “Podcast #49: The Value of Offered Behavior with Emelie Johnson Vegh & Eva Bertilsson”

Podcast #48: Setting Priorities

What are your training priorities? Join me as I discuss mine and why they’re at the top of my list. Links Mentioned What’s Wrong with this Picture? Effectiveness is Not Enough by Susan G. Friedman Hierarchy of Behavior-Change Procedures … Read more “Podcast #48: Setting Priorities”

Podcast #47 – Task Analysis with Dr. Mallory Quinn and Theresa McKeon

How many different components go into accomplishing the smallest of tasks? In episode 47, we breakdown task analysis with Dr. Mallory Quinn, owner and founder of Applied Behavior Analysis Sports Innovations, and Theresa McKeon from TAGteach International. Links Mentioned: ABASI TagTeach ABA Inside Track Podcast Episode #12 with Theresa McKeon … Read more “Podcast #47 – Task Analysis with Dr. Mallory Quinn and Theresa McKeon”