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Podcast #74: Dog Photography with Åsa Jakobsson

This week, we are talking to Åsa Jakobsson, who is a Swedish dog photographer, she has Kelpies… and she also trains. We “met” (air quotes) through a mutual friend, Emelie… half of the mind of Carpe Momentum, who you will remember from several other episodes, including Start Buttons. I’ve been … Read more “Podcast #74: Dog Photography with Åsa Jakobsson”

Podcast #73: Behavior Analytic Research with Jackie and Diana

As a dog trainer, I am working with changing behavior in the real world in dogs and humans. And also myself. Trying to understand and modify behavior as it’s happening in the world… in animals and human learners. So much of animal training is based on anecdote and tradition, rather … Read more “Podcast #73: Behavior Analytic Research with Jackie and Diana”

Podcast #72: Using Video to Make Faster Training Progress

If you are like me, you mostly train by yourself. And training by yourself definitely has some pros and cons. If you’re also an introvert like me, that alone time with your dogs is the best part of your day. But it means we have to work a little harder … Read more “Podcast #72: Using Video to Make Faster Training Progress”

Podcast #71: Teaching a Foodie Dog to Tug

This week we talk about tugging and specifically what I did with my dog, Rugby, to build it. My terrier, Rugby, came straight out of the package with good food drive already installed. All I had to do was harness it. But getting him started with toys was a much … Read more “Podcast #71: Teaching a Foodie Dog to Tug”

Podcast #70: Fear Not! Marketing Is A Lot Like Dog Training

This particular episode is a little different topic, as it’s really aimed mostly at those of you who work as professional trainers, especially if you own your own business. You see, Melissa’s specialty is… well, it’s marketing. I know, I know… as a dog trainer, I too am terrified of … Read more “Podcast #70: Fear Not! Marketing Is A Lot Like Dog Training”

Podcast #69: Arousal (science, not sex)

For no particular reason, this week’s topic is Arousal. Now, get your mind out of the gutter. We’re not talking about sex here. We’re talking about behavior. But if you are a behavior nerd, the topic of arousal IS pretty sexy. It’s a word that gets thrown around a LOT … Read more “Podcast #69: Arousal (science, not sex)”

Podcast #68: My New Puppy is Awesome (But a lot of work, too)

Like all new puppies, my new baby Figment is cute, and adorable, and brilliant, and he smells AH-MAZING (what is it with that new puppy smell?). And there are so many things we get to train together! But that also means… I have to train. My life definitely isn’t any … Read more “Podcast #68: My New Puppy is Awesome (But a lot of work, too)”

Podcast #67: Settle Down

Settling on a station, bed, or mat is one of the most important skills we can teach any dog. Why is it so important? Settling is the perfect alternate behavior to replace almost any annoying behavior your dog has thought of. It’s also a great skill to include in your … Read more “Podcast #67: Settle Down”

Podcast #66: Wait For It

It is a common misconception that clicker training, or at any rate, shaping involves a lot of standing around waiting for behavior to happen spontaneously. But that’s not true at all! Shaping has nothing to do with “waiting”, and in fact, if you find yourself waiting more than a few … Read more “Podcast #66: Wait For It”

Podcast #65: It’s All Behavior

“All behavior is modifiable.” -Karen Pryor This is a quote I find myself repeating on an *almost* daily basis. It’s simple but so important to remember. In training, we need to watch out for labels. They don’t help us in developing a training plan. Do beagles tend to sniff stuff? … Read more “Podcast #65: It’s All Behavior”