Obedience Handling Notes from Patty Ruzzo

As I was cleaning up and organizing my files on my computer (hard drive is full up AGAIN), I ran across an old text file simply labeled “Notes – Patty Ruzzo”.

I don’t actually remember when/where I made them. I think *probably* they are from her “Compete in Joy” book, which I do have somewhere around here. But cleaning and organizing the bookshelves is a task for another day.

Compete in Joy” is a book that I read and reread between competing with my first dog, Stormy (which didn’t go that well, but we survived), and beginning trial my second dog, Gambit (which went considerably better for many reasons). I suspect the book may be out of print and hard to come by today. But if you plan to compete in obedience, and don’t already have a copy in your library, I suggest you find, buy, or borrow a copy. It’s a small book filled with distilled, potent information.

As I read these bullet points, I realized how relevant they still are to me.  I thought you might find them helpful, too.


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